"The bastard sons of musical typecasters the cold heart projects work their way from subtle melodies to puncturing rhythms and walls of sound."

We've lurked around Eastern Australia in some form or another for the best part of a decade, weaving through phases of post-rock, indie rock, post-punk, noise, shoegaze, dreampop.

In extended hiatus until a plucky young pom was transported to the penal colonies for the heinous tea-crime of putting the milk in first. Feeding on apathy and lewdness, a new monster emerged, spitting feedback from it’s three heads and thunder from between its six ample buttocks.

"...sounding somewhere between the Birthday Party and Something for Kate's darker moments. The track for most parts has a slow chilling vibe with occasional bursts of loud rock. There's a lot of atmosphere and depth here making you feel like you are out in a dark alley way. The violin here really adds to the dark vibe giving the song a certain unsettling feel. Great work!"
- Tomatrax, Independent online music magazine author and TripleJ Unearthed reviewer.

Photos © Alison Dominy and © Caroline Condon